Here Today

Here today
In the arms of a blessing
Fate was patiently directing
Though I didn’t understand
Every way
The broken hearts, the nights alone
Would somehow guide me home
And show me everything I am
So many gifts, I never would have known
No, I never could have made it on my own
Here Today

Here today
We are dancing in the freedom
Of the dreams we hold between us
On the way to coming true
And I’ll be brave
Even when the road’s uneven
When what we want and what we need
Doesn’t happen right on cue
I’ll have faith, that’s what I’ve learned so far
It’s the detours that have led us where we are
Here today

I can’t believe how far we’ve come
And all that fell in place
To start a thousand miles away…
And end up face to face

Here today
We step into the unwritten
Take the breaths that we’ve been given
And slowly turn the page
I will pray
That there be wings upon our future
Finding everything with you there
In that unimagined place
I thank God for all that I’ve been through
But mostly that I’m standing next to you
Here today.