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Now That Rocks: Ready-Made Workout Playlists

Posted by felice

I was talking to my friend Julie last night, who LOVES to exercise. Always has. Always will. In fact, she’s even started teaching spinning classes. Amazing! Me… not such a big workout fan. I wanna like it. Really I do! But if there’s anything I can do to make exercising more fun, I’m in. That’s why I am such a fan of this new find.

If you are looking for some workout inspiration but don’t have time to create a new playlist, consider this. There’s a cool website that does the work for you. Cadence Revolution has designed more than 150 playlists featuring hundreds of indie artists. You can download the hour-long mp3’s or pick and choose individual songs. In fact, a typical playlist includes three sections: “Warm It Up,” “Crank It Up,” and “Cool It Down.” Stay in shape and become the hippest music-lover around? Now that rocks!

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