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Enjoy the Silence: Life is Like a Song

Posted by felice

When asked about his talent, renowned pianist Artur Schnabel told the Chicago Daily News in 1958, “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes—ah, that is where the art resides.”

The pauses… I love that! Because the truth is that anyone can sit down at the piano and have access to the same seven basic notes. Beautiful music is a result of the order of the tones, the tempo, and, yes, the silence between the noise.

They say life is like a song. So I started thinking… our days are filled with so many things. Work, errands, activities, drop-offs and pick-ups. These are, in fact, the “notes” in our lives. And they are important. But the beauty is overwhelmingly in the “pauses”. Our time spent relaxing, celebrating with friends, laughing with family, traveling and embarking on new adventures. Ultimately, though, it’s the perfect combination of the notes and the silence, of the work and the play, that create a life to be treasured, and a “song” to be celebrated.

So I ask myself,, “What does my song sound like?” What kind of life am I creating? Playing the same note too many times gets boring. Running around completing to-do’s won’t create a song, just scales, begging for some variety and a little silence. But life without responsibility, accomplishment and service to others? That just leaves a lot of empty space.

Today, I will remember I am the master composer of my life. That I choose the notes, the tempo, and, of course, the silence. And that I have the power to create a lovely song, a life extraordinary.

So any advice? How is your song coming along?

The Best Love Songs You’ve Never Heard

Posted by felice

As you plan your wedding day, don’t forget the music! There are so many special moments throughout the ceremony and reception that can be transformed with the perfect song.

Take the opportunity to create your own wedding soundtrack featuring songs that have heartfelt significance to you and your beloved. What music was playing the night you met? The first time you danced? The evening you got engaged?

If you want something a little more unique, do some searching on iTunes and the internet. There are hundreds of indie artists showcasing their work, and many of them have talent that rivals the biggest recording artists. The best have the stunning ability to convey and elicit emotions through music, creating life-long memories.

If you are looking for a beautiful, distinctive love song to feature at your wedding, consider the following list I created: “The Best Love Songs You’ve Never Heard.”

These are some of my favorites…

An award-winning songwriter based in Los Angeles, Felice Keller is the CEO of Felice Keller Productions, a company that creates magic through music. FKP makes special occasions extraordinary by commissioning hit writers for artists like Faith Hill, Clay Aiken, and even Johnny Cash to create, record and perform custom songs written especially for their clients.