Our Story


When I prepared for my walk down the aisle, I was intent on finding
the perfect song. I wanted the moment to be magical, and knew that the
right music could connect me to the experience like nothing else.

After months of looking through hundreds of songs (from classical
which felt too stiff to my favorite love songs which lyrically did not
quite fit), I realized that there was only one solution: I needed my own
wedding song — one that would not only highlight how grateful my
fiancé and I were to find each other, but also the value of our journey
along the way to get us “Here Today.”

A lightbulb went off. As a professional songwriter with songs featured
on hit television shows, I was co-writing with some of the best talent in
the industry. I immediately called one of my favorite writing partners (a
songwriter for Faith Hill), and said, “I have a new project for us! We’re
going to write my signature wedding song. “ We met in the studio and
crafted a song inspired by me and my husband: our story, our feelings,
our love.

The result: our uniquely perfect song.

When I walked down the aisle, “Here Today” was performed live, and
there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd. Even my groom was smiling at me,
wiping away tears, which was one of the most touching moments we
have shared. “Here Today” was showcased again for our first dance as
husband and wife and given to guests on special CD’s as a reminder of
our one-of-a-kind event.

After returning from my honeymoon, my phone started ringing with
requests from several guests. Was there any possibility that they could
have their own custom song? I realized I could give others the unprecedented
opportunity to have their own song created by hit songwriters,
and a custom soundtrack for their most cherished moments.

A company was born.

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