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It’s not just about the flowers, the food, the décor. The mark of an amazing party is the warmth you feel and the connection to the guest(s) of honor.

I love feeling like I know someone better after I leave his or her event. If it’s a wedding, I have a sense of the bride and groom…how they met, their likes, their love, their story. If it’s a Bar Mitzvah, it’s wonderful seeing their commitment to their family, their faith, and their unique interests.  Even birthday parties and other special occasions, those extra details give you a window to the special person you are celebrating.

Today’s Tip: Instead of labeling your tables numerically, consider naming them for your favorite songs. If it’s a wedding or anniversary, chose titles of songs that have special significance to your relationship. The song playing on the car radio at the end of your first date. The song that you rocked out to last New Year’s Eve. Your “Our Song” of “they’re playing our song.” For those occasions honoring you individually, the sky’s the limit. You can choose your favorite songs: silly, serious, and everything in between.

I’m nearing my second anniversary, so for our next big celebration, I’m definitely taking my own advice. Here is one song title that I’ll be using for a table name.

Let My Love Open The Door – This Pete Townshend song always makes me smile. Featured in a poignant moment of the great movie “Dan in Real Life,” “Let My Love Open the Door” reminds me how amazing my husband is. Once when I was frustrated sitting in the dreaded LA traffic, I called him to vent. I was near tears, when suddenly he started singing this song. By the time he started trying to harmonize with himself, I was hysterically laughing. Now in those nightmare traffic moments, I’ll just call and say, “Babe, I need you to sing that song.” And the best part is…he does.

Another must-have table name for us is “Here Today,” the song I co-wrote with the brilliant Andrea Stolpe (Faith Hill, Jimmy Wayne) especially for my wedding day.  Not only is it the perfect reflection of us, but it also signifies the inspiration for my custom songwriting company, and a new adventure for us both.

Not up for song titles? Use your favorite artists’ names instead. Check out this beautiful table “number” designed by Anne K. Rodriguez, “The Paper Stylist” (

Picture courtesy Jordana Taylor Hazel

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